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Trying Gaba-LTheanine and 5-Htp for the 1st time

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So waiting around for another Dr because my insurance bites and no one calls back.I decided to research and see and helpful ways to help me get by day to day.I read  on here and earth clinic-some people have had decent results and anything is better than sitting around looking at the phone.I ordered the following Gaba-Ltheanine-and 5-htp.Staring Gaba today.Than I will try each one a different week.Mostly concerned how they will effect my delicate stomach.Taking the smallest amount each day.I don't take any other meds nor have any health issues so being cautious anyway.So, hoping for something,, any little thing just to be able to walk out of the house is first goal.Than to a store by myself and one day have a Job again.I keep imagining what it would be like to have paycheck and money and get out of this debt and poor lifestyle.

I also ordered Rooibos tea had one yesterday it was ok but, yesterday I didnt have stress or anxiety I will try it when i have a anxiety filled day.

Okay peeps, will let you know updates as far as it goes .... :batters:

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had been on Paxil and a few other medications. The one I was really finding a problem with was taking too much Xanax. I was finding I needed it to get to sleep at night.


I have been learning a lot about CBD this month, because of the recent legalization within the USA. I have tried it for one month now.  When people talk about medical marijuana they often think of one thing.


However, there are many different forms of using this plant to help with anxiety. The 1) problem with using traditional medical marijuana to help with anxiety is that for some people it can cause increased paranoia and nerves. This is why it is really important to be very specific about the parts of the plant used.


CBD is the components of marijuana that are non-psychoactive but the most health promoting. Their is absolutely zero psychoactive affect, so the sometimes negative affects of marijuana are not present. Instead the anti-anxiety and health benefits of the plant are present.

My recommendation would be a type of CBD product that you can measure easily, and one that is made from European Hemp Products. This means it is federally legal as a health food supplement in the United States.

I used a type called ' Oil of Sunshine' .

The oil is a light consistency and comes in a small dispenser in the mail. Because it is a European Hemp product, and non-psychoactive it is legal. After opening it I take two or three doses of the 'Oil of Sunshine' each day.


I found I had to take it for two weeks before I saw help with symptoms, but I did find it helped significantly more then vitamins other supplements I was trying. It is positive because you can take it in conjunction with other medications without affecting them.

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