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Okay so there's a few people on here that says i was on Anxiety zone

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Yes, I was on Anxiety Zone but one day i tried to log in and it said i was banned. I had no clue why, i was hurt by that because i was talking to some cool people on there as well, when people message me and write me on my posts saying i like to strike fear into everyone and how i'm a sick mental fuck that really hurts, because i would never like to strike fear into anyone, I am just like everyone else on this site and every other anxiety site trying to deal with my anxiety and problems. Plus i love helping people out and giving advice as well. I love this site, i love the people i talk to on this site, and if i'm going to get a reputation for something i didn't even say or do when i am suffering with the same shit that everyone else is suffering on here with, i find that extremely messed up. I always respected everyone on this site, you don't have to believe me it's fine, you can ban me from this site but i am being truthful and honest. I swear on my little girls life that was not me on Anxiety Zone starting all that fear. I am not trying to convince anyone to believe me but I am really greatful to the help i got on this site, you guys pushed me to seek help and move on with my life which i try to do every day just a little bit. I am very hurt by this. 

Have a good night

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