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General anxiety !

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So while just sitting around my house being generally anxious all day........ FML....... well not all day. The earlier part of the day was ok, later things got antsy. They didnt' get antsy at all really . ONLY I DID !  

So waiting for it to pass, dwelling on it, freaking out, thinking omgwtf over and over and the dog starts puking everywhere.........everywhere .......several spots in several locations. I had to promptly address it and clean it up before it makes a huge mess right?  It took less than 10 minutes, but for 8 minutes or so,,,,,,,,,,,,, guess what,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NO GENERAL ANXIETY AT ALL. Nothing. I had a task. It had to be done. I didn't have time to think, can I or should I , etc. I just did and it distracted me totally. I relished it for a few minutes and then the general anxiety came back....BASTARD.


But you see my point. Keep busy, stay busy, idle mind, etc. DO IT ! 

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