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I’ve been dealing with intermittent tingling in my left arm and leg for about 15 months or so (had previously dealt with left leg tingling back in 2013 which cleared up after PT)  last year I went to my Dr requesting an MRI but she said due to it being my arm and leg that i would need an emg first.  So I had that done in December (by that time my symptoms had subsided) and my emg showed a “sacral nerve root lesion”.  The Dr preforming the test said that they are common and many people go about their daily lives with no issues.  I still freaked out and called my dr who said that it was nothing to worry about.  Nothing more came of it, she didn’t request an mri or anything.  My symptoms came back last month after I decided I wanted to attempt jogging.  
Since my symptoms are back, I’m becoming obsessed with them and I am freaking out about the lesion that is on my nerve root.  I started googling it (bad, I know) and when I Google it, the only thing that pops up is a tarlov cyst.  It claims to not be life threatening, but I can’t help but worry that I will still end up paralyzed eventually.  
does anyone have any experience with the leg tingling?  It’s mainly in the left but does go in to the right side at times.  Same with my arms.  (Also to my knowledge, Anything involving the lower back shouldn’t affect the upper extremities) my symptoms seem to last for several weeks before they will finally disappear.  
Any insight would be appreciated! 

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