Scared I have ALS or MS

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Hello everyone, first time posting here.

I’ve been very concerned and have myself completely convinced that I have either ALS or MS. Over the past 2 years about, my left hand has felt weaker than the right and also the left hand is noticeably smaller than the right, especially the area below my thumb knuckle connecting to my wrist - also the palm area around the thumb (which I read in article was a sign of ALS) There is a skin fold at the base of my thumb because of this. I still can do things with my left hand, but it’s very awkward and clumsy. My hand also gets very sore and achy and the pain travels up my arm. I’m thinking this might be muscle atrophy? I’ve attached a picture of both hands for comparison.

I also get bad headaches on the right side of my head and twitching all of my body especially at night. I notice the twitching most in my legs and eyes. My lower back tends to get sore very often as well.

I’ve fallen in such a dark hole constantly worrying that I have something wrong with me. I find myself examining myself all day and being completely obsessed with my health. I’ve read every forum and like I said, I’ve just convinced myself that I have one of this diseases.

I know I need to get things checked out, but I’m even more petrified to go to the doctor because I’m certain I’ll get the diagnosis that I dread. I’m hoping this is just anxiety getting the best of me. I hope I don’t sound crazy. Any help is so appreciated.

Thank you all so much.


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