When do I go back to the doctors with swollen lymphnode?

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Hi All! Has been a few months since i have visited since i had been doing pretty well! My pregnancy is going along perfect, am almost 35 weeks now 🥰. Ready almost to meet my babyboy!


so in the beginning of my pregnancy i noticed a single swollen lymphnode in my right axilla (armpit). Its a pea sized firm mobile lump deep in there, mostly palpable arms down, not very noticable when arm is up. Doctors felt like it felt quite innocent but sent me for an ultrasound anyway. Ultrasound did not find the node at all, just wrote ‘no space occupying process found’. 

So, 5 months later and recently my hormones have been playing up a bit more again and hence, so is the anxiety. I felt my armpit again yesterday and i feel like it got a but larger... especially laying on my right side i feel like its at least twice as big! When up straight ik not too sure, maybe a little bigger.. arm raised again hardly noticable.. 

so is it time to revisit the doctors? Demand another ultrasound?  Or just leave it at the conclusion they made months ago?

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Pregnancy might be playing a role into things! Just mention it next time you see your OBGYN. Could just be a swollen and that happens when you're sick! Pregnancy is a lot to take on the body. If doctors aren't too concerned don't be either ❤️ Also CONGRATS!!! And keep us updated!

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