Back is Killing Me :( Mets?

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So it's been a bit of a rough week. Yesterday my company had to cut back on people and so I lost one of my jobs. Thankfully I still have another one but the whole ordeal caused some added stress to my life. Bills, ya know? 

Well today I was actually feeling pretty good. Woke up, went to my other job, had a good day, etc. I went to visit my boyfriend and I was laying on his bed on my stomach. All of a sudden his arm comes flying down and lands hard on my back. It instantly feels like my breath is taken away and it HURTS! Well it's been about an hour now and the same spot still hurts. He said he didn't even do it hard, just in a playful way, which I get but maybe it hit the wrong spot? It's like right in the middle of my back. All I can think about is how it's possibly cancer that has made my bones brittle. I was just told the other day how well I'm doing controlling my anxiety....and now this. UGH. 

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It sounds like he just hit a tense spot. With all the stress your under your body could be feeling more sensitive. Tell the jerk to cuddle you, not hit you 🙂

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