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So I can’t even shake this. I’ve been twitching everywhere for about 2-3 months and 2 days ago it started in my tongue... anyone else have this problem. I’m so scared. 

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It is normal for anxiety to cause twitching. My eye lids used to twitch often when I was in college and stressed out. Same with my legs and feet. I think it was a mix of poor diet and anxiety, and since I have changed my diet I haven't really experienced it much.

I have seen you have posted about ALS concerns in previous threads. I wouldn't look too much into twitching, it is a sign of ALS but usually it is not the first sign and is also common symptom of a lots of things that are usually minor. 

I would be concerned if all a sudden you started having coordination issues that you usually never have, extreme muscle weakness absent of exercise, and a change in your voice tone and slurring of speech. Those are the big early symptoms of something neurological. Twitching is very minor.


Have you tired tracking your water intake? That would be the first step I would take to try to ease the twitching. If you aren't tracking water daily it is very easy to become dehydrated on accident. Dehydration is probably the most common cause of twitching and cramping. One busy day of absent mindedness and you are dehydrated. I am not sure of your height, weight, or sex but you will want to find a good amount for you daily. For me it's almost a gallon a day. 

Download a phone app if you have a smart phone. I use an app called Plant Nanny, it's free and it adds a fun little game to play to keep you on track.

Other diet changes you can try is to cut back on caffeine and eat things that are high in calcium and magnesium. Basically any dark green leafy types of food for calcium and fruits and nuts are good for magnesium. Almonds are high in both I believe.


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