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Found 1 result

  1. I drink quite a bit. Sure sometimes to deal with my anxiety but mostly because I'm 24 and my friends, family, and husband all engage in activities mostly involving alcohol. For example you can find me at bar trivia and bar bingo once a week (my absolute favorite thing) usually a beer tasting on the weekend or a bonfire, house party, etc. I love these things in my life because they keep me involved instead of at home anxious. This last week I began to have a swollen and painful feeling in my right side. My first thought was probably liver damage because of the drinking. I somewhat ignored it and had a regular weekend. A couple days later it was worse, I did a little google homework and found that people that often drink can get fatty livers (I am overweight compared to my friends, which could be why they do not have issues). I am currently paying off two er trips and multiple dr visits (thank you health anxiety) and so even though my instinct was to rush to the er I knew I couldn't. I've gone 4 days without drinking because I am so anxious that I've done irreversible damage. I'm scared because I'm already so depressed, probably partly because I'm weaning off alcohol but mostly because I've already missed my favorite bar trivia (you have to drink to play) a friends birthday (on a party trolley) and then tommorow I will miss bingo. These things keep my sane. I'm to the point where I don't know if I'll be able to get out of bed tommorow to go to work. I know a lot of people have drank to ease anxiety, has anyone ever experienced liver or right side pain? Did you stop drinking? Or for those of you that have drank a lot and had to quit, how did you feel after? I don't know if I can lose my favorite activities, but my anxiety isn't letting my go for fear of liver failure pls help