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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm new here. Recently, after years and years of searching for answers, I finally got it. I got Complex PTSD. This developed from spending my whole life up until I just turned 17, with a BPD mother. My mom does not think she has any issues. My mom is the type of woman that if she said the sky is red and you politely told her it was blue, she'd respond to you with extreme hostility. She is quite capable of hiding it, only revealing it to some. For years on end, my mother always screamed and cursed and fought with my dad. She'd call me names or curse at me and unleash hell on me for the smallest thing. Anything less then 100% submission is unacceptable from me. Any assertiveness, no matter how polite, would earn me a cuss out session where she tells me she shouldnt've had me, threatened to get me medicated, threatened to send me away. Or she might go the other route and threaten s****de and start crying about how everyone is so hateful to her and everyone got a problem but her. If me and my dad were having fun, she'd get heated and start screaming about how I shouldn't have a friendship with my father. Yet at the same time, she was completely overprotective. She had to know exactly where I was at, exactly what I'm doing all the time. Not like a normal parent. Think of a helicopter parent that is pretty much controling your whole life. She was very judgemental. If anybody had any kind of negative flaw, they're complete garbage and they'd lead me to a bad life. And by bad flaw, I mean like misses homework sometimes or anything minor. Apparently that makes them extremely dangerous people to be with. I could never go out. We lived in a small town. She moved to the most rural area so I couldn't walk to anything. I never had any friends so I grew up very withdrawn, no confidence, and had zero social skills. My whole entire school disliked me because how I acted. Not as a bully, as the weirdest kid on earth. Still today I'm not the best at socializing. I had no expierences. My mother did everything for me, so I couldn't learn anything. I was 16 not knowing how to use a washer or anything more advanced then a microwave. So people made fun of me for that too. By this time, I was getting in trouble in school very frequently. Pretty much never did homework, talked out in class, and making socially bad decisions because I didn't know better. I was reffered to a psychiatrist. My mother completely lies to him, while I'm right beside her. She was the little victim and I was a demon child who couldn't be controlled. The worst thing I ever done was raise my voice. I was in shock, crying every psychiatrist visit. Never opened my mouth. One psychiatrists tried to correct my mother. My mother made us stop going. We got another one. As she lied, I'd bottle it all up because she would deny any of her actions or say I caused them. Then I would snap and they would believe her. I got 20 different diagnosis put on and taken off. Including OCD. I had a problem with my mother usong the bathroom, not washing her hands then making my food. Or if we were eating chips she'd scrape off bits in her teeth with a fingernail then stick her hand back im the bag. She made me out as a germaphobe and I got an OCD diagnosis.i started to speak up once. The psychiatrists wanted to change something. Her goto saying was "You're taking away my parental rights". She had more control of me then a person playing someone with a controller in a videogame. This is where I started to escalate. Starting at age 14 I started punching holes in walls to get her to call the cops, which they'd detain me and send me to a brief mental hospital stay. Didn't help. Her lying continued and in total I was put on I think about 26 different medications all total. Then they stopped putting me in the mental hospital and started sending me to basically kiddie jail on charges of destruction of property. I was put on probation. I also had terroristic threats because of my dad, an alchoholic ex marine that isnt nearly half the problem my mom is. If he wasnt drunk he'd be very cool. Remember the terroristic threats. The year is 2014. In 2015 I had stayed a total of 7 months locked away. I cut her off. She begged and begged I talk to her. She was so quick to send me away but f Id leave im in the wrong. I got back, there was a honeymood period where she said I was behaving. Truth of the matter is I did nothing different. After a couple of weeks she was comfortable snapping at me again for everything. We continued fighting for about a year. Then through the new alternative school I was in offered private phyciatrist visits. I took it up and spilt everything.This doctot took off every diagnosis but Bipolar depression and ADHD. This is where profress began. I went home one time, and my mom asked what I was talking about. I actually have the legal right to confidentiality so I didn't tell her. Then I tried suggesting she see the psychiatrist too. She started screaming at me to shut the f up and the psychiatrist needs to mind her own business. I stayed perfectly calm. I told her her actions as my mother impact how I feel. She called my sister and ran me down to her on the phone, right in front of me, which she had a habit of doing. She told my sister I was freaking out because she didnt imstantly jump up to get my meds. It haf nothing to do with that. So I picked up a flower pot and smashed it into a wall. I was furious. She called the cops, and I told the cops to hurry up arrest me and go because Im tired of the abuse. They took me to a different hospital. From there they put me back in kiddie jail, this time with youth services. They put criminal kids and innocent kids in the same place. We go to court, and my mother says I threatened to slit my dad's throat. My dad looks directly at her and says that only happened once, years ago. She tried to make a past issue look present. I got sent away again to a halfway-house feeling of a group home that prepares teens for independent living. I try a homepass with my mom. She took things I purchased with my own money and sold them. I calmly asked her why she did that and she started coming at me saying I'm "going down the road"Next court date, this new judge diretly calls out my mother because by this time, I matured alot from 14 to 16. She said it seemed kind of unusual I have perfect behavior everywhere but home. By this time I cut my mom off. The judge asked if my mom got a Psych Eval done and she said no, which she was told to get one. My dad had to do an Alchoholics thing because if he wasn't working he was drunk or hungover. He-s cool sober. He's been drinking since he was 13. He's 55 now. My mom said my dad couldnt ever quit. Yet he got help before she did. Everyone thought he was a lost cause. I cut off my mom completely. This new psychiatrists I been seeing got the 100% true whole story. She believes I have no psychiatric illness but anxiety and depression. Before I got the PTSD diagnosis anyway. I completely cut my mom off, and I feel like a new person. Every day, all day, I repeated two questions in my head, and I couldnt stop. "what is wrong with me and how do I fix it". Now. I still feel extremely guilty about any assertiveness, very self concious all the time, no self esteem, no expressed unique personality, and cant ever think clearly. My depression and anxiety are still here. Very bad but much better then what it used to be. I had good days before, where I'm not in my head all day, feel confident, can express my self, can get assertive without the fear of being seen as a monster, and I can think clearly. I crave these days. How so I make more of them?