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  1. I have posted before about the lump I have on my left clavicle, or where my clavicle meets my sternum. Feels like it right at the end of the bone at the sternal end. There is no pain and never has been. I made the mistake of Googling and found that most tumours on the clavicle are malignant and that freaked me out a bit! I spoke with a doctor a few weeks ago and he said it was just a bony outgrowth and it made me feel better but now I'm having doubts.
  2. So I'm spiraling a little bit. I made a thread the other day about a bump on my clavicle, right where it meets my sternum or just above the joint but still on the bone. I'm of course freaking out that it could be cancer. It's hard as a bone but I have been Googling for it to be anything else than cancer and came across arthritis in the joint between the clavicle and the sternum. There is NO pain but a relatively small but visible lump. Well it's visible when I turn my head and it tightens the skin and tissues over it, then you can see a little bump. Although just checking right now I can see a little bump without doing anything. I also see it move both up and down and inwards with movement of the arm and shoulder. So could this be the joint and not a tumour? Edit: Just to add, I'm a 32 year old male
  3. If this was a sarcoma, even a slow growing one, would there have been any change over the course of a month? Or significantly larger now since the time I first noticed this sometime last year. I don't remember seeing a bump through the skin though when I first noticed this.
  4. Thanks. What were your symptoms when you thought you had it?
  5. I don't want to Google cause im in a spiral. Is there a chance that this isn't a terrible lethal cancer 😢
  6. Well I dont have any pain and the only swelling is that little bump
  7. I'm in a state! Suddenly got very worried that this could be some sarcoma of the bone. Tumours on the clavicle are very very rare and I know that but not impossible. The lump very smooth and not at all jagged and the borders seem defined
  8. I've been having blocked ears and some ringing in my ear for about a month. Could it be related to blood pressure?
  9. Tried to get a photo where it sticks out a bit. Does this look normal on a clavicle?
  10. Is pain the number one symptom? Or rather the first one that people notice, the only pain I've had in this is I had some tenderness in the skin and tissue for few days, but nothing for a month
  11. I am indeed working on my diet and exercising. Going out for some light jogs and cutting out as much sugar I can and the salt too. Hypertension doesn't run in my family, certainly not in anyone my age.
  12. Bone cancer in the clavicle can't be common right? 😓