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  1. Its absolutely horrible and I have a hard time turning my mind off. It seems to go 24/7. Talking to others really help me claim it done. Thank you for responding. Have a wonderful evening.
  2. John, Yes sir I have been to the doctor, as a matter of fact went to cardio doc today, he doesnt think its anything with heart but is doing couple of tests. I go to new PCP tomorrow, as my other doc had to leave to take care of her kids during covid . I need meds refilled and have to see him to have it done. I used to take zoloft and xanax as needed. I'm going to ask him if there is something else that my work better than zoloft. My mind just goes 24/7 on health, I really work myself up. I try to ignore but lately it has been difficult. Finding this forum seems to help me. To know others have the same feeling as I do. I'm a validation type person. Do you know of meds that seem to work best for anxiety? Thank you for responding Marsha
  3. I'm new in this forum and have been suffering with anxiety for a lot of years. It's mostly health related and it helps me to talk with others and know I'm not the only one that has different feelings and such. Thank you all