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  1. Hi John. I feel you on wearing out the ecg machines (haha). Definitely scares the shit outta you right? I’m glad to see I’m not alone in this crap. You’re right about the anxiety and fear playing into them, try to stay calm doesn’t always work. But hey just smoke some cannabis and it helps, doesn’t take them away but helps you forget haha, cheers
  2. That sucks. Crazy to think how many people have this issue, mine are through out the whole day come and go, I could be fine for a week and then they come back. I suppose it could always be worse...
  3. I get them as well, I hate that flutter feeling you get up into your throat. Heart palpitations scare the shit outta me, I’ve had a lot of testing done on my heart because of it and everything is good. Stress and anxiety definitely play into it. It sucks but just try to stay calm and breath through it. Makes me feel better I’m not alone haha.
  4. Hello All. My name is Justin. so I was diagnosed with TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) and unlar nerve damage on my left side. So when I first started getting these symptoms I thought I was having a heart attack, I’ve had so many tests done on my heart and all is good , because of this is caused a serve case of health anxiety and now I get heart palpitations so more testing was done and my doctor says everything is fine it’s your anxiety and me noticing it more since I’ve had so much testing done on my heart. Anxiety sucks,feeling like you’re dying sucks. I tried Cipralex and it made the heart palpitations worse etc. Am I alone here? Has anyone else felt like this before?.