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  1. The problem is they tell me that two doses of vaccine need to be taken in the range of one month and if the second dose is not taken in exact;y one month after the first shot the effect stops and that is causing me to worry.
  2. Well, I was bitten by a dog, 8 days ago. It was the 3rd time the dog bites me. I received a tetanus vaccine two months ago the first time when a dog bites me. Since third days ago I started feeling jaw problems, pain in the chest and stomach, and faster heart rate. Of course, I googled symptoms because I am an anxious hypochondriac, and google told me that I had some symptoms of tetanus. I went to a doctor and he told me that my symptoms are far from tetanus and checked for neurological problems and all is good and that is pure psychological thing doe to fearful trauma. He did mention I can have new tetanus shot and reset a cycle with a course of 4 shots. But still, there is always a fear that I am going to get it and it's making me nervous and a little panicking. Damn this anxiety fear.