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  1. There are lots of symptoms but what really matters is how to cure this all. There are many ways to escape anxiety and it is not specifically using medicines, anti-depressants or any other drugs. There are alot of people suffering from anxiety and depression and this depression leads them to suicide. Your words are powerful, they can destroy someone and at the same time your little words of kindness can heal someone's heart. This covid-19 situation has turned the table upside down for almost everyone. In these crucial times we need to be with each others side. Here are some tips for you to follow. . These can help you with your anxiety. Be kind to eachother. All people want is little kindness and love.
  2. I guess you are thinking alot ABOUT this lately. Don't stress yourself. You have relax now. Perhaps it is because of anxiety and depression. You are stressed about something and you have to ask yourself about it. Brain tumor is a different condition with totally different symptoms. All you should do is talk to a good doctor. My aunt had TMJ and her physician told her it is not associated with brain tumor. Here I'm sharing some ways to get out of these fearful thoughts. . Give yourself SOME TIME. Live it to your best. I appreciate how you're so concerned about your health. It's just you need a good doctor to manage your health condition nothing else to worry about. Stay Blessed!
  3. No. The thermometer is accurate. Ear is always warmer than the oral. I did check that before. Don't stress about anything. Covid won't harm much and it is curable. I have witness the people with more health conditions or history with previous health conditions are suffering the most with covid-19. Don't worry at all. She will be fine. Just try to divert her mind. Tell her not to take it over her nerves. Give her a lot of calcium and vitamins. A proper diet which I'm sure she must be taking and keep her away from the kids. Give her some books to read so that she could divert her mind. I was tested positive and had to quarantine myself. I was stressing about it alot. I use to come here or other forums. To divert my mind. I bookmarked a very goood article which kept me motivated and stress free. Here you go. Do share your updates with these blog (Any one) They will help you alot regarding Covid-19. Just share what you are feeling and you will get the best advice. I even use to go there to ask my stupid questions and it was literally helpful. I hope it helps. Stay Blessed! :)
  4. School presentations and anxiety. Panic attacks and nervousness. This all is very common. This is not easy to present in front of everyone. There is nothing bad and embarrassing in getting nervous and shaking in front of everyone. People can get in such a condition and no one is so perfect. I think you should start going to communities like church groups etc.People there share their experiences and stories. Starting from a smaller level, in front of less people will be a basic step for you. Sooner you will be able to perform infront of your mates confidently. Some times talking to yourself in mirror and explaining can also be so helpful. Or a very good tip is to not look in any ones eyes while presenting.The less you see people the less you'll get nervous. I hope this helps.
  5. I and anxiety have a very deep connection. We are like best friends. Whenever I feel a little happy or let happiness in my life my anxiety get possessive and doesn't anyone else in! 🙂 That's how it is going. I try to divert my mind doing different activities, especially the ones I love doing the most but I easily get bore. Recently I came across a very interesting and fun article. Have you guys ever checked what does your zodiac sign says about mental health? If not, do give it a try. Connection between astrology and mental health. I'm Taurus and I feel like the things suggested for me are really wanted right now to be done in my life. This is so true!
  6. I can totally understand your situation and I know what you're going through. I have anxiety issues and I had been combatting with this for ages. There was a time I felt like my life is over and I couldn't handle with life anymore. What's more worse was I tried to commit suicide. Because I was alone with zero support. I used pharmaceutical drugs for a long time but they also stopped working after a particular time. Please stop taking these drugs they will drain your mind and vitals. Please read these helpful advices , they can help you alot with your anxiety. Try to improve your diet. Meditate and do whatever you love. Go for non pharmaceutical approach. Bet me it's gonna ease your mental health alot. GoodLuck! 🙂
  7. Hey. I know you must be worrying a lot about it. It happened with me a few years ago. Me and my friends went to a park where I met this palmist and she told me a lot of things about my life and I was not concerned but my friends started assuming thing and it really worried me alot after a while. And the fear of things turning into reality made me so restless and uncomfortable. I do believe in few of the things but not everything. Neither I am superstitious. So whenever anything could happen, it would remind me of the palmist's prediction. I understand things like this can cause anxiety and depression.I came across some amazing advices yet tops for each zodiac. . I can say that it has helped me cure atleast my mental health is better. I know what ,how and when to do for myself.
  8. Thanks jonathan! Happy New Year! I didn't feel this year different because my anxiety had been the same since last two years and I didn't feel different. But still I cannot say anything since it is the very first day. There is no way to escape. You can't just sit and wait for a miracle to happen. No one can help you as much as you can. Sometimes people come into your life because they are a medium,but still the decision is always yours either to heal or not? Life is always unpredictable. There Is nothing we can defeat except death. I just want people to know that mental health is as important as physical. Whenever you feel as in you're in depression or anxiety, must do a few things -Breathe - Go for a walk -Talk to some -Read Forums/Blogs -Listen to Music - Relocate - Go for a Drive I read these tips shared by an Expert and I felt like sharing with the people who are on the same path with me. Some others you can find here ( ) Have a blessed year ahead!
  9. I really want to know what is wrong with world? I mean 21st century it is. No one should take anxiety and depression for granted. People surviving mental illness need kind words and a bit care. Alas! We are so busy in our lives that most of us doesn't care about it. You know doctors would definitely say you it's all in your head. This anxiety is induced by toxic environment or people you have around. Perhaps. Darling, don't overstress about anything. Life is a blessing,live it to your extreme. Know whats causing this anxiety and try to work on that rather than getting frustrated. Whenever I'm stressed out,all I want to hear is some kind,healing,positive and motivating words. I got all in a list that is always on my bookmark.You can try this trick too,who knows it works! . JK! I know it will. 😃
  10. Haha! Nice though. I was recently helping my son in doing his homework and what I noticed was he was actually counting syllables . I found it pretty weird. He was diagnosed with OCD earlier this year. My husband is military and couldn't have the leverage to meet my son often. My doctor told me to expand the family which would be great for my son but I don't think I can conceive now. I had 2 miscarriages before and now it would be a threat to my life if I get pregnant. (as per my doctor's opinion) Anyway, I know how distressing the feeling is. Apparently the people with ocd look good but no one knows what's boiling inside of them. My son is facing many hurdles but I know his future is so bright and blazing. The bully at school is definitely going to make him a strong man one day. I've seen many people even famous people with ocd and they are living their best lives. A few in this list : . I'm thankful to god for blessing me with the apple of my eye. And I know one day my son would be among these famous people! Thanks for sharing your story with us! Merry Christmas! ❤️
  11. No honey, don't worry it's not ALS. Muscle twitching doesn't come at such early stage if it was ALS. I think you have been over stressing and thinking about something so much lately and twitches usually happens because of calcium deficiency. I am so familiar with twitches under the calf and foot. They are very tough to get rid of. I contacted my family doctor and he referred me to a nutritionist.She told me it is because of deficiencies in my diet and my anxiety issues. So I worked on my diet and as for anxiety I've some amazing resolutions for 2021. .
  12. There are very few people in the world who help and support you in your bad and hard times. Depression and anxiety are life threatening.The are serious mental illness which are not been taken seriously. I had chronic depression and I've been combatting it with for years. My doctors denied my treatment after several sessions. I was hopeless. My fellows suggested several physicians but nothing worked. I took online consultation and it worked miraculously. My doctor is now my mentor. He very supportively and patiently helped me throughout my journey. The first thing was that I didn't know the cause of my depression and anxiety. There were certain things which could bother me. He helped me with all that. . Following all the guidelines and prescriptions, I've felt a major progress in my mental health. I used to take lots of anti-depressants and got kinda dependant. However at a point they stopped working. It was my inner Will which kept me motivated to fight against depression.
  13. The worst thing about anxiety and depression is they are virtual and unable to track. For some initial period people won't take you seriously and they would assume it general frustration but non can diagnose it at once. My daughter is suffering since March 2020. The worst thing is I can't take her to anywhere because of covid-19. Our state's doctors were unable to diagnose her mental illness but now that it is confirm I cannot give her any medicine without prescription and I be waiting for some anonymous help to sort this out. I consider it my recklessness as well. I didn't understand on time what she was going through. I would recommend every parent their to know your child's condition. I read these facts about depression today. Hope it helps. . Want you to go through them once at least.
  14. Due to covid we all are limited to our homes. Which means no social life at all. No interactions and no change of environment or mood. I started feeling unwell in february 2020 and my symptoms got worst within a month. I sought medical help but because of covid ,our state hospital preferred online consultations. I had undergo several investigations and all my reports were negative. My family physician called me and told me I've RA and that is the cause of my whole body pain and abdominal dysfunction. But my test for that was negative too. It's now December almost end of this year and I'm still in sam mental and physical state. At the end the specialists concluded that it's all in my head. The anxiety depression and panic attacks are induced by stupid undiagnosed ailment I have. I'm now without any medical help just trying to ease my mental health. These tips really helped me out. I was frustrated and exhausted but yet again I gave it a last try and it is working. Physically broken but atleast trying to be stable mentally.
  15. Dr google is craziest of all! I mean many of the people being illiterate don't know the medical terms and conditions so they use google for that. And the worst thing is people start relying on google and as a result google confuses them. But now in this covid situation , when doctors are overwhelmed with the covid situation and people are in que with their appointments . Well you can control your symptoms even at home. If it's about mental health you can do it with self help Here is for you to read.