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  1. Hello, My name is Mike and I have a few questions for the forum. Feeling anxious which is new for me. My family was recently impacted with 2 Uncles on my fathers side who were diagnosed with ALS at 55 and 62 years old just recently. They identified the C9 gene and so we have the familia (inheritance) ALS since another Uncle ( Fathers side) also died from this 30 years ago. My father( who had 50% chance of inheriting the gene) is 73 and in great health and asymptomatic. I'm 49 soon to be 50 and for the past 6 months I have had a strange tightness in legs when I wake up. Upon getting out of bed I feel the legs contract calves are tight ( hard to describe) but some times feels like a wave and I step gingerly for a few steps then they loosen up. I'm in good heath and with a good weight and walk/hike. For some time I figured this was just getting older but it hasn't relented so I saw a hormone doctor who ran tests and determined my Thyroid was not working that great. I needed to increase my Synthroid so was given levothyroxine 3 months ago. During my taking of this medication I developed fasciculation's ( legs, biceps, chest, abdomen) I told the hormone doctor about this and she said it was likely due to the medication and to give it 2 more weeks but it has not stopped. I just stopped 4 days ago and I still have some twitching. Given my family I hope this helps. I do plan to see a Neurologist on my morning stiffness ( off/on tight legs during day) and the fasciculations that I hope stop soon. At the moment I'm at going to gym and not noticing any thing major so that it is a relief but I my mind wanders to think that maybe I'm in the early stages of ALS. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Mike