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  1. I have a lump on my ribs, bottom left rib. It's about 2cm long and has not grown in size since the end of March. I think I may have tapped it with a kettlebell when working out as there was a bruise and now the lump. Went to the doctors for chest pain and got her to check that as well. She said it was nothing but did a blood test to check everything ok, including chest. She said if I didnt hear from her the next day then there is nothing to worry about. Well, I didnt hear from her, happy days I thought! I was fine for a few weeks but the past week I cannot stop obsessing over the lump, constantly feeling it and now am convinced there is a small one a bit further down, also where a part of the bruise was. Anyway, why can I just not believe that the blood test is fine, the doctor said it was fine. I'm obsessed and convinced its something horrible even though I have no other symptoms whatsoever. Its talking over my life, constantly checking it