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  1. Hi! My name Luke, for the past 2 weeks or so I’ve been really freaked out about degenerative diseases specifically ALS and MS, I have this really weird sensation in my arms and legs (all of them) that I can’t really describe almost a shaky feeling even though I’m not physically having tremors, I always look at things I’m being asked to do and think I’m going to be too weak but when I try to do it I find I’m perfectly capable of it, I have no weakness that i’ve noticed (and I’ve been looking) I can still do everything I can normally do just feel like I can’t. I’ve moved out of my house and gone to live with my brother temporarily because my room was causing me to have panic attacks but I just can’t shake the feeling something is wrong, even when I don’t feel physically anxious I still have these feeling in my limbs, it’s especially bad in the morning for some reason too... I also have sore feet and buttocks which has been freaking me out too, i’m really struggling and in dire need of help somehow. I helped my brother build a table from scratch including using a hammer, a saw and a drill and had no trouble actually doing it even though I felt like I wasn’t capable, my balance is fine as I’m able to recover from any leaning over and stand on either of my feet individually and stay there for a while, i sometimes feel my coordination is off but I think it’s actually because of how focused I am on looking for problems, like when i put a screwdriver to a nail and miss it at first i’ll notice because of my anxiety and think it’s something more sinister, i’m constantly googling things and scaring myself even more, I should also point out that I’m 17 years old, just left school after 6 years, lost my grandmother in October, my family and I got covid, my mum broke her arm and to top it all off we lost my dog of 15 years just last month, if anyone has advice to give or an opinion on my situation it would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  2. for sure, Dr Google has been tormenting me since this started lol
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Luke and I’m new to the forums and also new to anxiety, I am 17 years old and over the past week or two I have felt severely anxious with physical symptoms arising which causes my anxiety to rise, I’m posting here to hear everyone’s experiences and for some reassurance that it all gets better, I have therapy for the first time tomorrow and really really hate the idea of living with this forever, I know I maybe shouldn’t use the forums for personal reassurance but maybe others can get help too...