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  1. Hello. I'm in late middle age and started slowly getting to extreme contamination OCD. I thought I could find somewhere on the Internet that would have ways for me to get better. I don't believe I can get better, since it is at its peak. I will not go outside unless it is a day I wash my hair, because I don't want to "dirty" my pillow/bed. The three places I sit/lie down are cleaned by me every morning. The computer, my lounge chair where I watch T.V., and my bed must be pristine. The funny thing is that I don't wash my linens often because it takes so much time to wash it "right." I clean the inside of the washing machine AFTER I put the sheets in because the dirty sheets have contaminated the agitator and inside while the sheets were put in. I feel so hopeless. I went to a dozen completely worthless therapists, and one of them (a so-called CBT therapist) tried to teach me how to do my compulsions better! If anyone has any support or a baby step to start off, please respond. Thank you, Terri