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  1. I am doing much better. It still is lingering a little bit, but much better. 👍
  2. Doing a lot better, but still having some pains. Hope yours gets better as well.
  3. Update: Headache is doing much better today! 🙂
  4. I have noticed that I've been shrugging my shoulders a lot, tensing them up. I'm sure that isn't helping.
  5. Still about the same... hasn't gotten better or worse. Constant dull pain with bouts of slight dizziness. 😞
  6. I'm sorry to hear that. This is new for me and of course, because it's new, It is frightening. Your words are very helpful. Thank you!
  7. I really don't feel any sinus pressure, but who knows. Can a headache last this long? lol
  8. I haven't been doing a whole lot to get rid of it.... 😕 Just some headache meds, lots of water and rest. That's about it.
  9. Hello! New to the forums. I had a bad headache 5 days ago, something I would consider a migraine. Light and sound sensitivity, along with a nauseous feeling. It was pretty rough all night long. I went to sleep and woke up the next day feeling a little better. Since then, roughly 5 days now, I have had constant tension in my head, random pains all over my head, and slight dizziness (euphoric sensation). It never really has dissipated. When I wake up in the morning it feels almost as if it is gone, and then within a few minutes it comes on and stays with me all day. My anxiety is starting to get the better of me now! Any thoughts?!?