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  1. Well... I survived the headache, but now I am getting these stupid chest pains. They are located on either side of my sternum and literally hurt when I stretch my chest out. I keep telling my self that it's nothing to worry about and it's most likely stress related, but when these pains start to hit me, it's hard to reason with sanity! Anyone else get pains like this??? 😕
  2. I am doing much better. It still is lingering a little bit, but much better. 👍
  3. Doing a lot better, but still having some pains. Hope yours gets better as well.
  4. Update: Headache is doing much better today! 🙂
  5. I have noticed that I've been shrugging my shoulders a lot, tensing them up. I'm sure that isn't helping.
  6. Still about the same... hasn't gotten better or worse. Constant dull pain with bouts of slight dizziness. 😞
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. This is new for me and of course, because it's new, It is frightening. Your words are very helpful. Thank you!
  8. I really don't feel any sinus pressure, but who knows. Can a headache last this long? lol
  9. I haven't been doing a whole lot to get rid of it.... 😕 Just some headache meds, lots of water and rest. That's about it.
  10. Hello! New to the forums. I had a bad headache 5 days ago, something I would consider a migraine. Light and sound sensitivity, along with a nauseous feeling. It was pretty rough all night long. I went to sleep and woke up the next day feeling a little better. Since then, roughly 5 days now, I have had constant tension in my head, random pains all over my head, and slight dizziness (euphoric sensation). It never really has dissipated. When I wake up in the morning it feels almost as if it is gone, and then within a few minutes it comes on and stays with me all day. My anxiety is starting to get the better of me now! Any thoughts?!?