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  1. Thank you guys so much! Yes, I was having a panic attack during the ekg, the ems tech said he thought it was panic brought on by my ptsd. I've also had numerous ekgs, stress tests and blood work and it's always been fine. My fear is what if this time it isn't..
  2. Sooo I've suffered from heart anxiety for years but these last two weeks have been a doozy. I'm talking panic attacks, palps, waking up with a racing heart, etc I recently started Lexapro and that has started me down a whole new list of symptoms. I now have left arm pain and chest pain and stomach pain, damn this sucks. Called 911 Friday and ekg was good, but I'm still in a panic.
  3. My wife works In home health, her latest patient had ALS, he passed yesterday, he had it for all of six months, ALS is a brutal disease, two years in you'd KNOW you have it. His symptoms weren't even twitching, in fact he said he didn't know something was wrong until he couldn't hold items anymore. His wife is a neurologist and she suspected ALS only after every battery of tests you can think of. She said the first symptom people rarely notice is intermittent weakness, like your hand slipping when you try to pull the covers up, etc. She said Twitches are a last phase symptom, appearing after the muscles have already started to atrophy.