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  1. Well my doctor wasn’t the most reassuring. She just felt it and said I think it’s a cyst. See if it goes away in 3-4 weeks and if not then call the ENT. Doesn’t make me feel the most fantastic to be honest.
  2. Thank you so much for your reassurance! I have my appt tomorrow and hoping maybe it’s just a saliva stone or something like that. Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞
  3. I discovered a lump kinda between my lower teeth and under my tongue a few days ago. It’s small, like half a pea, hard, but I can kinda move it around. I’m terrified of course it’s cancer. I’ve messed with it enough that it’s sensitive now. Also been having some right side tongue pain, jaw, ear and back of neck pain. I have an appt with my GP in a couple days but really having a hard time controlling my anxiety. I’m 32, never smoked, don’t drink heavy and no history of oral cancer in my family. I’m a mom and worried of anything happening to me with my young kids. Anyone experience similar and it was nothing bad?
  4. Thank you Bobnnat. I had a total panic attack today when I could feel a fine twitch on my thumb pad but couldn’t see it. I guess it’s just part of the random twitching . Trying to work on my anxiety and truly praying that’s what is causing all of this mayhem. Your words are comforting me, thank you.
  5. Hello All, I’m 31 and 5 months pregnant and for the past 5 weeks have been having widespread twitches all over my body. I get a twitch in my calf and then a twitch in my shoulder and then one in my hand (you get the picture). This goes on basically all day long. Some days are a bit better than others or I just ignore them better. What really has been scaring me is my left thumb trembles when I put it in certain positions (like trying to type on my phone). My husband and mom say it’s just my anxiety. I do have just horrible anxiety and have had to start back on my Lexapro 2.5 weeks ago. My PCP, OB and psychiatrist also think this is all attributable to anxiety. I have a neuro appt in a week in a half which seems like forever. All I can imagine is dying and leaving my son and this new baby. I have trouble sleeping and last night my limbs would jerk me awake at times. I don’t think I have weakness or atrophy but like I said my thumb trembles in certain positions which scares me it’s getting weak or something. Lost and looking for advice :(.