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  1. Hey, I think I may be prone to this as well. I am a student and I tend to be insomniac around my exams. As it so happens, I have an exam in two days that I have essentially been studying a whole week for and I was fine with sleeping all week but now, so close to the exam, I have a "need" to sleep. This real need to sleep in order to make my brain function properly makes me nervous about going to bed and trying to sleep. I think this is because it has now become such a necessity for me to sleep, in order to do well on my exam, that the pressure is way to high leading my anxiety to skyrocket and me lying in bed with a big fat rock sitting in my chest! Terrible terrible feeling.. Have no idea how to make it better and yes, I have looked into several options such as medidation, alpha waves, white noise and even CBD. It seems like nothing can break it down and I just can't keep going like this, it's really bad for my academic success.