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  1. Wow. I literally could have written this post myself. I am totally there with you ..even the neck pain
  2. Hi I started lexapro about 2 months ago. Before going on it I would have horrible panic attacks that would last for days. My stomach would have a tightness and couldn't eat/nausea until I finally snapped out of it. Now that I am on lexapro things have been going well..until Saturday. I strained my neck from something. So stupid me googled it and one thing led to another and I panicked that ita more serious than It probably is. I have been convincing myself that I am nauseas..I think. My question is do people have the same panic attacks that they did while not on lexapro? Do people still have the same symptoms? Basically can someone explain what their panic attacks were like before meds and now on them. Thanks