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  1. I have suffered from anxiety a good chunk of my life and have been diagnosed by several “mental health professionals” with various conditions. Basically bipolar With serious anxiety. It feels like it has worsened over time. I have been riding the medication merry go round for over 20 years. I am at home on disability currently. In the area I live in there is no decent mental health care that I can find or that will take my insurance. I am seeing a psychiatrist for my medication but stopped seeing the therapist there as it wasn’t working out and there were no other therapist there that would take my insurance. I have had some great therapy in my life but screwed it up, anyway so I don’t have many to talk to since I am home alone all day for most days. My husband will listen, but he gets frustrated that he can’t help me and I am tired of complaining every day about what’s going on with me. I can go on and on but I will stop there... anyone else?