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  1. Hi everyone Im new here and hopefully im posting in the right forum... Ive been having some problems with my sleep for awhile now, and some part of it is starting to freak me out a little bit. So ill give a little background on my sleeping habits and then currently what im finding is happening. Ive been struggling with insomnia the last 2-3 years, I dont sleep well at all. I also have alot of major stress on me at times in my life which makes it that much worse. Ive noticed that when ive had lack of sleep and im going through an extremly stressful time (I am working on reducing my stress though as best as possible) I do these WEIRD things in my sleep more often and ill explain what. So I tend to wake up in the middle of the night, and either I wake up panicking and jump out of bed and run and look around the house because im under the impression someone broke in OR I wake up and I start talking to things in my house such as my fire alarm above my bed and I go on rambling how I think its a device that the government planted in my house and its the government spying on me. Everytime these "episodes" happen im under the impression the government is spying on me or someone broke in my house or someone is out to get me. Those are the only scenarios I ever get when I have these weird episodes. However sometimes it changes up, like instead of my fire alarm ill start talking to something else in my house that I think is "spying" on me. Sometimes I see stuff, like once ive woken up thinking someone broke in and I saw my house was in a disaray when it actually wasnt or ill see the outline of some kind of human figure and I think its just there watching me. Its hard to explain but when these things happen and im jumping out of bed and talking to stuff in my house im not actually awake, like I feel like im outside of my body watching myself do these things and im questioning myself going "what the hell is going on?". I have some recolection of what is happening when im running around and talking and when I wake up in the morning but im definatly not 100% there fully when im doing these things, like it feels like im in a weird trance or something. Note, ive never had an issue with this stuff during the day. It ONLY happends at night once in a blue moon maybe like once every 5 months, however I have had these things happen at times like twice in just one month. I find these "espisodes" frequently happen more often when im under stress or havent slept well but it has happend when neither of those are going on. Someone told me they think this is linked to some kind of bipolar disorder. Which I definatly 100% think I have (but havent been diagnosed professionally). But im not sure how bipolar disorder would tie in with this sleep problem. Any thought what this could be?