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  1. They can occur all over the body just randomly all over? BFS can?
  2. And are your guys super quick twitches as well? I appreciate the help and being understanding of this it sucks bad
  3. Thank you guys for all the help.. it really helps me to know it’s not serious and that you get them everywhere.. how have you guys helped to reduce them or not think about them? I also don’t get them during times of stress is that normal as well for you guys? I really appreciate the help
  4. Thanks a bunch guys! Does it not matter whether or not your stressed but at any time? Cuz sometimes I get them during stress but sometimes they don’t happen during stress and I am not currently on any thing but am super stressed about my twitches
  5. I also feel weaker in my left arm than right and that it gets sore easier and I feel that my muscles are about to cramp when I shift my legs in directions where they are restricted but do not cramp up just feel like they are tightening and going I cramp but not when running they just felt tired more than anything... please help thanks guys for anything to ease my mind
  6. Hi guys i am a 20 yr old male and for the past 2 weeks I have had twitching throughout my body first it started in my eyelid and now it happens throughout my body randomly in different places any place in my body such as shoulder back butt forearm practically anywhere . I keep worrying that it is either als or some type of terrible disorder. I defiantly have health anxiety and worry about any little thing. I just am worried about this and I feel that posting on here and hearing others will help me tremendously. My twitches happen at random even at times when my anxiety flares up I do not notice them more than usual. They also can happen at anytime anywhere even if I’m not anxious nor thinking about them. Also when I go to look at them typically they are not there nor twitching only have seen my eye and leg and shoulder do it very few times. That’s how fast they come and go. They are 1-3 second twitches every time and only in my eyelid persist more than that or they’ll twitch for 1-3 seconds on and off for a couple of minutes . I’m very active I ran a mile today and did 100 push-ups and sits up yesterday and the day before that. I just am worried it is something worse and that it is not yet progressed because it’s only been 2 weeks. Please help