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  1. Hi there, I'm new to this chat, and new to reaching out to others in terms of everything going on so I hope this is the right place to talk about all of this. About two years ago, I had an awful flu on the verge on pneumonia and was throwing up from coughing. I moved a rib out of place and ever since then have had awful chest pain that still exists today. When I got better from the flu, I was at the beach (I live in Florida so the beach was a frequent) but when I was driving home I felt very lightheaded and thought honestly, I was having a heart attack. Fast forward two years. I've been to every doctor imaginable (heart, lung, neurologist, asthma, GI, pain management), I've been to the ER 6 or 7 times. Ive had chest x rays, chest cts, full body cts, brain scans, bone scans. In the past three months, I haven't been able to leave my house much. I get extremely lightheaded and dizzy whenever I try to leave. It's extremely difficult to drive and honestly, I'm a little scared to because of the lightheadedness. I haven't don't ANYTHING active in months. I feel like I'm losing myself. I'm a fairly religious person, but I've been getting so mad at God for not giving me any answers or direction. And because of how complicated all of this has gotten, I still have struggling with health anxiety. So when this leaving the house lightheadedness and dizziness happens, I don't attribute it to a problem psychologically, instead I automatically assume that all the doctors missed something. In the span of these three months, I got married, went on a honeymoon, quit my job and started a new job, and had my appendix removed. It's been a lot but I thought I used to be stronger than this. I guess I'm just reaching out to hear from you. Do you get lightheaded and dizzy when you try to leave too? Do you feel like you lost who you were? How do you find the strength to stay positive? These should be the best days of my life with my new husband and I think he's starting to resent me. I'm just so sad. All the time.