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  1. Not sure I'm in the best place to post, forums can be confusing... I have suffered from severe, acute insomnia for the past six years or so. I have anxiety, depression, and am going through menopause. I have been on every OTC sleeping aid and prescription sleeping pill you can name. Have had a sleep study. Forget not being able to sleep for two or three nights...I can go a whole month only sleeping 1-2 hours a night, sometimes not at all. I believe insomnia can be fatal, because I've suffered some really scary health issues directly related to sleep deprivation. Your organs will literally start to shut down. Not to mention barely being able to hold a job, drive, etc. Not sure if we can post specific med info here, anyway, here it goes... Seroquel. That is the only thing that was able to put an end to my last 40-day odyssey of no sleep. I hate anti-psychotics, but it has been literally a lifesaver. And no, I don't think I'm bipolar. It's sleep deprivation that makes me anxious and manic. Just hope I can hang on to this wee bit of sanity for awhile...for as long as it works.