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  1. Hi, I believe my mental health is progressively getting worse. I've been to my doctors and because I'm only 17 so counselling is really my only option. But that doesn't help me, talking makes me worse. Anyway, the other week I was with my friend after college in mc Donald's, and I hear someone who I've had issues with in the previous year (getting involved in someone else's business) talking about me and my recent ex, and I confront her to ask her not to talk about me (she had deliberately spoke with a volume so I could hear) so she refused and called me a slag etc (false remark I'll have you know ?) but when me and my friend sat down I tried to control, but didn't, I started crying, shaking a lot, felt sick and went off my food, replaying it all in my head and not about just that mini argument that I had described... Does anyone with ptsd or know anyone with ptsd have similar symptoms, or this is possibly anxiety? Like I said I have been to my doctors and to be honest I'm avoiding going again unless I'm really out of control. (first time using this site so I don't know if I'm doing it right)