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  1. Hello, I'm new to this site. And any anxiety site in general....I just recently have not been able to get sleep and I can't put my finger on it-as to why. I was prescribed hydroxyzine 3 days ago when I went into the clinic for being up all night on top of catching a virus of having body aches. The Dr. Suggests its just a cold virus heightened by anxiety..... The hydroxyzine seems to help but takes an hour or two if that even makes sense... It's a feeling of restless leg syndrome but mainly in my arms, and just body aches n pains in general. Nothing was done but a pee test, so who knows what this is....but I would just love some insight of experiences and some advice... I took Tylenol Pm, has not helped yet...took ZZZquil, but that seems to make the muscle aches worse. Please help....it's 6am I'm still up this is my third day doing this...I.'ll most likely sleep without even realizing and get up 4-5 hrs later and that's if I'm lucky..... Thx.