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  1. Update* I had my appointment with the cardiologist today. After a brief discussion he had me schedule for an echocardiogram and holter monitor. It will be a few weeks before these tests are completed. So I will have to go so more time with uncertainty of my hearts condition. I will also have the stress of dealing with the financial aspect of the tests. I have a high deductible insurance plan so everything is out of pocket. I am hoping for the best but it is tough to wait several more weeks for answers.
  2. Cardiologist appointment is set for January 8th. I will say its going to be a tough time waiting for it. My anxiety tends to kick in out of now where causing palpitations and my heart rate to increase. I know googling is usually a bad idea, I was just seeking to get a general Idea since even my primary physician seemed intrigued. From what Ive read the short PR with normal QRS is typically benign. Today is a tough day. I woke up and felt well. Then at random my chest started to feel uncomfortable, heart pounding and now I think my heart is going to fail. Its not a fun experience.
  3. Heart fears started up again recently and have been hard to get by. I have had more frequent palpitations and heart races a bit but not very high. 100-110 bpm seems to be the max when I am really anxious. I finally broke and made an appointment with my primary. He had an ekg done that showed that I have Short PR syndrome with a normal QRS. I had the same issue a few months back but the previous provider did not seem concerned. My current provider is unsure about it and is sending me to a cardiologist to investigate further. There is very limited information on the internet on this with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome being the main condition associated with short PR intervals. This seems unlikely because my ekg lacks the delta wave associated with it. However, WPW has fighting risk factors such as sudden cardiac death... that alone has not helped with anxiety and heart fears while I wait for my appointment. Has anyone had or has a short PR interval?
  4. Every day it feels like I am going to die. Does any one else experience the physical symptoms of anxiety every day? I have symptoms such as fatigue, pain, restlessness, twitching, tingling, etc.. I have tried medicine and therapy and nothing has seemed to help.
  5. Hello, I finally got into see a GI for my chronic abdominal issues. He did not seem worried about anything and sent me home on a low FODmap diet. He said if things did not improve he could do scopes for peace of mind. I started feeling better a bit afterwards and hopefully wont decide to go through with the scopes for financial reasons but peace of mind would be great. I started on Buspar about 6 weeks ago and it has helped some by anxiety attacks have started creeping in. My new fear/problem is overall fatigue and heaviness. By limbs feel heavy and I deal with stiffness with arm, legs and hands. I also feel very restless and don't know if its the buspar, anxiety or of course some horrible terminal illness. I am hoping to make it through this wave in my ocean of anxiety. Thanks for listening.
  6. I also have hand stiffness and can make me worry about stuff like ALS. I work in front of a computer for long hours, use my phone through out the day and use the computer at home. I try and attribute the stiffness to all that and hopefully that is the reason.
  7. Back again... I am so stressed thinking I have stomach cancer. My stomach burns daily and feels uneasy. I have an appointment with a GI on tuesday but have been stressing myself out so much fearing that the results are going to be bad. I have convinced myself in my head already that I have cancer and I will likely loose to it within months. I wish I didn't think this way. I just started Busporine last week. I'm hoping it will start to help when it kicks in during the next few weeks. I'm tired of being an anxious mess. I know the odds at 31 of stomach cancer is so rare but yet here I am. thanks for listening all.
  8. I really hate how anxiety and abdominal pain can feed off of each other. I am dealing with stomach issues and makes me anxious and the more anxious I get the more bothersome it becomes. I am tempted to just go to the ER and have imaging done to rule things out but the costs of doing so are stopping me. I feel hopeless right now and scared. I fear that if I don't investigate whats going on then I won't catch the problem in time yet I don't want to go into debt for nothing. Things were going well today until I started pressing my stomach searching for clues. I was laying down and found it hurts my back if I press in deep by my naval. I can also feel a pulse easily. I know that a aortic aneurysm at 31 is extremely rare but this is how irrational by health anxiety has become. Has anyone else felt pain when pressing stomach and or felt their aortic pulsing?
  9. It feels that ever since I opened up to my doctor about my HA she has been less likely to further investigate things. I have tried CBT and medication but both did not seem to work well for me. I do have good days but the rest are followed by jumping from one terminal illness to another. It is a cycle that never ends.
  10. Hello, Thanks for the response. I have been trying my best to relax but it has been tough lately. My mind has focused in on stomach cancer and its been rather miserable. I've been burping a lot and have indigestion and made the mistake of using google. I know the odds are very rare for my age but I just can't get it out of my head.
  11. Hello, I am back again.. it has been a rough few months of cycling through various fears of health related problems. I am back to focusing in on my abdominal region. I have been dealing with an odd pressure/tightness type sensation in my mid abdomen as well as my lower back. I have been over analyzing my stool (sorry for TMI) and notice that they are quite loose and fall apart with ease, they have been floating recently and sometimes frothy. I made a visit to my primary care physician and she did a routine examine and ran some blood work that all came back normal. The results made me feel better initially but I still think that something is wrong because the discomfort continues. I am 31 years and understand that colorectal, pancreatic, and stomach cancer are pretty rare at my age. I just cant stop the constant what ifs that are going through my mind. Id like to push for imaging and possible scoping but healthcare here in the US can be quite burdensome in terms of expenses. I don't want to put myself and my family into bad financial situations because of my HA. thanks for taking the time to read through my rant on my current issue.
  12. Hello, Here to vent again... How do we know when pain is real or just anxiety.. I feel that I am always going through cycles of pains and symptoms for them to turn out to be nothing but anxiety.. but how do we know who it is real?? lately I am suffering with abdominal pain that is mostly lower quadrant. I don't have an appendix and have ben attributing it to IBS induced from anxiety. I usually try to ignore my pains and symptoms but is there a point when we should consider them to be a threat and to seek medical attention?
  13. Hello, Last night at work I had an experience of nearly fainting. I was standing taking with a coworker when a strange dizzy feeling came over me and It felt like my brain was going to shut down. This put me into a bad panic attack. I work in a ER and was able to have a friend do a EKG on me shortly after the episode occured. Everything looked ok besides it saying probable left ventricular hypertrophy; however, no signs of having a heart attack or anything ominous. I made an appointment with my primary care but it is two weeks out. I am currently just scared that this is more than just anxiety. I typically have issues with dizziness and attribute it to anxiety but have never before experienced the feeling of nearly passing out. Now that my heart seems to be ok my anxiety has moved on to thinking that there is something wrong with my brain. The cycle continues.. Thanks for taking the time to list..
  14. Hello Everyone, Here to vent a little bit again. I have been dealing with the restlessness aspect of anxiety lately. It is like I have consumed several glasses of coffee or energy drinks. My body feels so on edge. I pace around aimlessly hoping that the feeling will go away. In time it passes then comes right back again later on. Has one dealt with these types of feelings. I appreciate all the help and advice. thanks!
  15. Lately one of my fingers has been twitching. It first started with just my left hand and now it has switched over to the right hand. I have dealt with body wide twitching for a few years now. I initially had ALS fears but after years of being ok I came to terms with the twitching. This time I worry that the finger twitching is possible Parkinson's. I am currently 30 and I know at my age its is not likely. My mind has drawn its conclusions though. It is either Parkinsons or at the very worst ALS. Has any one dealt with or experience finger twitching? thanks!