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  1. Your comment made me feel much better, almost instantly, after reading that the doctor wouldn't even order an MRI. I'm going to try to go see a doctor this week. I have therapy tomorrow so maybe my therapist can talk some sense into me. Thank you for the response!
  2. Thank you very much for your response, I appreciate it. I'm trying to keep myself at bay.
  3. Hi all! Yesterday night at around 11:50, I was bending down looking at the cats outside of my window, when I stood back up and banged my head on one of the ledges I have mounted on my wall. It was pretty hard, but I did not lose consciousness. I walked out of my room to talk to my mom and tell her what happened, and I noticed I was a little shaken up, and when I was trying to explain to her what happened it would take me a moment or two to gather my thoughts. Which I'm sure is completely natural, given I've just hit my precious head. I just recently lost a friend due to an unexpected health problem, and for someone with health anxiety, I have had the worst anxiety I have ever experienced since it happened. Last night after I hit my head I immediately ran to my phone to look up things on Google. Worst mistake ever. I read about Natasha Richardson and Billy Mays, so I sat there and cried and cried. But everything I was reading telling me things would be bad if I was nauseous (which I was, but I think my anxiety gave that to me), severe headache, dizziness, blurred vision, and other motor skill problems. I had none. I even googled, "I hit my head but show no signs of serious head injury, am I going to be okay?" The thing that was bothering me was the slight pressure, that I may be making up in my head, that I was feeling on the opposite side of my brain. I was so concerned because after I hit my head, I felt a lot of pressure on the right side of my head, when I initially hit my left. All throughout the day today the right side of my brain hurt, I don't know if it was because I slept on shitty pillows, or because I haven't eaten all day. But the fact that the opposite side hurt really scared me. I called a doctor today and spoke over the phone about what I'm feeling and I wanted to make sure everything was okay. You would think that a doctor's okay would make me feel better, but here I am, hours later, still on Google trying to solve my problems. I haven't been to the ER or urgent care to have my head examined, and I feel if I had gone things would have cleared, anxiety wise, by now. Almost 24 hours later, my head doesn't hurt but I do feel some pressure, could be because of my anxiety. But who knows. Does anyone have tips or similar stories to share so I don't feel so silly, or crazy? Thank you.