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  1. Thanks for the welcome. That's a good explanation. I was certain that my condition is not any serious since some exercises and relaxation/meditation usually elevate my situation so much. Do you think that these two techniques are enough to handle muscle tension? Thanks a lot.
  2. Guys, I need some advice.. Can tension headache affect my eyes to the extent that it becomes totally dry like this? Although my eyes are capable of producing natural tears, the dryness and tightness are endless. It's very weird. I hope someone can help!
  3. Hello, I am Hesham, 22 years old. Since one year I have been suffering from the following symptoms. I wonder if anyone experienced such symptoms before. 1:A feeling of pressure behind ears. The pressure increases when I wear any type of glasses even if the glasses is not tight. The pressure goes throw the two sides of my neck if I try to wear the glasses for longer period. 2: I also feel tightness on the back of my head. 3: Sometimes there is a feeling of itchiness on the scalp, especially the middle spot of the head. This kind of itchy feeling makes me want to scratch my head so badly in the same spot that irritates me. When I do scratch the spot, I feel some kind of palpitation under the spot that lasts for some minutes until it disappears again. Since this problem happened to me, my eyes have become so sensitive to all irritants, especially the light of a computer screen and natural air on the streets. I cannot bear to handle both of them most of times. Surprisingly, exercising ( running/walking ) improves this symptom to the extent that at some point I was able to look at the computer for very long periods without irritation. Also when the artery, muscles or w.e behind my ears that pressures me, my ears cannot handle very high voices at that time. If the pressure disappears, I can handle it just fine. I would like to inform you that during this year I went to so many eye doctors to check out the health of my eyes. I found out that my eyes are totally healthy. That's why it's very weird that I cannot look at the computer! I believe it has to do with the tightness on my head. Both started to appear at the same time last year. I also went to ears, nose and throat doctor to check out other organs. I found out that my ears are also fine with no problem. However, CT scan identified rhinitis and hypertrophied inferior nasal turbinates. The doctor said it's not serious though. It doesn't really bother me except that I can't handle the smell of perfumes and cigarettes. That's why I don't think my allergy has anything to do with this condition. My life style was not balanced one year ago which resulted in this condition, but after the condition occurred I changed my life style completely ever since. I started exercising so much around 30 minutes per day of walking and quarter of an hour of running. What surprised me is that exercising actually improved my condition so much during this year. The pressure started to disappear and the itchiness and tightness on my head started to disappear to the extent that at some point of time I thought that I totally recovered one hundred percent, which felt fantastic. A combination of exercising and meditation techniques made me feel really great during my last year at college. That's what made me certain that my condition is not that bad since it responded to normal exercising routine. However, once I graduated from college and started working as a translator on a computer for 7 hours per day, all the symptoms started to return back again. I went to a neurologist before to check my nerves. He tried to push my neck in all directions to see if there is any problem in my nerves that are located inside my neck, I didn't feel any pain at all, so he was certain that my nerves are totally fine. Now, I just want to make sure what I am really facing just to deal with it in the most appropriate manner. Is this some kind of tension headache? And if so, why are my eyes affected by it to the extent that I can barely handle computer light? I am actually concerned about my eyes more than the tension/pressure itself. Thank you so much for your time.