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  1. I want to lose 10 pounds as fast as possible, I have tried starving myself, and have basketball 1 a week, and swimming 2 times a week. still nothing is working. A friend suggest me to use treadmill- But not sure will it work? Does anyone have any ways i can lose weight?!?!?
  2. Has anyone here tried any kind of elevated sleeping pillow for the sleep disorder, and would they suggest a precise manufacturer and model of a pillow? I do know they decision them "anti-snoring" pillows, however, i'm not very an enormous sleeper (just craving for one for my symptom -- if they even work, that is). Also, I detected that truly elevating your bed might facilitate somewhat. Has anyone here had any success with that?
  3. I'm new to this forum...been prepping a little over a month. Hoping to pick up some good info from you experts!