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  1. My hub has had 4 basal cells removed by MOHS. One he had a good chunk of his ear cut out. My anxiety is coming from mine is a squamous cell on my collarbone. I know this one can spread. Today I found 3 more spots that concern me and I will ask the surgeon to look. I wasn't sure this was OK. I know I am being over vigilant now and it has sent my HA into overdrive. I did get out for sometime today and that helped. Your calm manner has helped a lot, Marc. Thanks for that.
  2. Thank you, Marc. I have severe health anxiety and went into a tailspin when what I and my derm thought was a wart turned out to be something that wasn't. My 2 week wait for the MOHS has been crippling. I now search my body dozens of times a day for new spots and of course I am finding them all over the place and spiraling. I spend all day googling and can't seem to stop. Even when I distract myself with a walk or anything, I can't wait to get back to Dr. Google even when I know this is so harmful, and I have had a great prognosis. My question is has anyone found a way to stop this. Why can't I take each day as it comes.
  3. Has anyone had MOHS surgery? My anxiety is through the roof. Thanks in advance for any replies.