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  1. I recently had a maid service come and clean my house because I moved into a new place. I have a bit of a phobia of chemicals as part of my anxiety and OCD and my thoughts can seem paranoid in regard to this. I am have this irrational fear that I said something that irritated them or something and that they may have put dangerous chemicals on lots of surfaces of my house and furniture because they didn't like me so they wanted to ruin my stuff and expose me to the dangerous chemicals. I feel like I am going crazy or something and I don't really want to talk about these fears much with people I know. On some level I totally recognize how unreasonable this fear sounds but it is still enough that I get intrusive thoughts about it. Any tips on how to move past this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. What happened in your situation? My medications helps me calm down on this issue and other health anxiety issues but it usually just a short term solution for panic attacks..I haven't found anything that helps long term
  3. hmm..maybe this is a more common occurrence than I thought
  4. I was starting to get over this but then a few weeks after drinking it for the last time I had flu like symptoms and I was worrying again. Poisoning probably doesn't work that way though. Would you say that the fact that I didn't have bad symptoms following ingestion means that I would have had such a small amount that it didn't do any damage to me? Thanks for replying! I am trying to put these worries to rest for good and I can't talk about this with people I know because they don't understand anxiety and they think I'm being paranoid
  5. I got a bottle of an anti anxiety supplement from the store and I noticed it didn't have an outer or inner safety seal. I took one serving and then started to worry that maybe I shouldn't have. I called the store and they said the other bottles are sealed. I can't stop worrying that someone might have poisoned it. Am I being paranoid? Is there a more likely explanation for no safety seal being on my bottle when the other ones were sealed? How do I stop being anxious about this, it has been almost a month. Are there test that can be done to check?