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  1. Hey everybody! Brand new to this site, however, somewhat long time health anxiety sufferer. I would say I have suffered on and off for about 10yrs now. Unfortunately, I am now suffering from a resurgence of it. My current fear is a brain tumor (I have feared many other diseases in the past). I've had numerous symptoms over the year. Most have gone away. I do have ringing in both ears, which I believe is from my jaw (which is tight quite regularly, and can feel like its off center). Doctors have yet to confirm this. It has been going on for about seven years, with various intensities. I have been to the ENT twice for it. As of course, I believed it was caused by an acoustic neuroma. In both meetings, we did the audio tests and she didnt't seem too concerned. So I just decided to live with it and my health anxiety got better. There was a passing late stage lyme disease fear, but that subsided. About 4wks ago, I fell back into a bed and got kinda dizzy and it really hasn't left me. It got worse after what I assume was an anxiety attack (don't get them very often). Its kinda hard to describe because it feels like my head is being weighed down, and I feel I'm going to fall down. I seems to occur mostly when I move my head or get up from a laying position. It also feels like I have tension in the back of my head too. I have been feeling very off balance. I've been to the doctor twice for it. One said I had vertigo and prescribed antivert but that didn't seem to work. Then my PCP said it was allergies because she saw fluid behind my ear drum and prescribed flonase which also didn't seem to work. However while I was meeting with her, I told her about the ringing and the two ENT visits. She scheduled an MRI with no contrast to ease my worries (which worries me), that will take place on Christmas Eve. Earlier, this week I asked her about the dizziness which is still there and she said there is nothing more she can do for me, and that maybe I should go to a neurologist (which worried me). However, she doesn't think is necessary per say but that it could help (which worries me). So over the weeks, I have though I have a brain tumor (I'm 28 btw). It could be an acoustic neuroma, or maybe claustoma (spelled wrong), or maybe something malignant. Please help.