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  1. I don't at this time have control of who is my care givers. I have a therapist that uses google as her main base for therapy. The eating problem has occurred between visits. I am sure if I bring it up, she will have a new book on the subject by next month. When I had a choice of care givers and I was this messed up booth my psychiatrist and therapist would be monitoring me twice a month deciding if they needed to hospitalize me until I get through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. In fact none of this would have happened. I know all this will go away eventually, just hanging on until then is the fun part.There is a safety net in place. But not for counciling. Thanks for your response. Don
  2. I am in a temporary drug induced problem. It's been a ruff ride since August. I have to go through withdrawal one more time so hopefully things will calm down by November. I have dealt with being bipolar for along time. I have also been an over eater for most of my life, Now I am faced with three problems that I have never dealt with before: 1. Anxiety attacks sometimes I can't talk myself down and medication only lowers it. I live with a bottle of anti anxiety pills in my pocket because I never know when. 2. I have no coping skills to deal with having to fight myself one bite at a time to eat one of my meals. 3. I am stuck in a low manic state and unable even with medication to sleep more than 4 hours. This will eventually make my manic state get worse. I hope these are temporary problems. But I have been fighting this since August and have another month to go. I am tired. I am open to suggestions. Thanks Don