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  1. Thank you for the encouraging and kind posts. My daughter's outside PyD did write a letter of recommendation to the school that my daughter should be recognized and get credit for the physical activities she takes part in at home as opposed to a PE class at school. The response I got was snickering at first and then they responded that they don't listen to "outside Psychologists" and requested that my daughter take the following: Speech & Language Evaluation, Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT-III), Psychiatric (school appointed) Evaluation and a Psychological (school appointed) Evaluation. I asked my daughter first if she wanted to do these things and explained what they were to the best of my ability and she agreed to do it. The results came back this week and in short, the school appointed Psychiatrist diagnosed her with the same diagnosis as our Family PyD and the Psychiatrist suggested a one-on-one Physical Education class, which of course the school is unable to provide. All the results from the evaluations and IQ tests show her in ranges from Average to Very High - with her FSIQ (Full Scale IQ) coming back with a score of 115 which relates to a High Average, meaning her overall thinking and reasoning abilities exceed those of approximately 84 out of 100 children her age nationally. We already knew she would do fine on these evaluations - it's just the social anxiety and it's direct correlation with PE class that we were asking the school to address. The responses I get from the school is like they have never encountered this type of situation before. We come from a very large school district and I find that very hard to believe. I reached out to NYS Education Department and asked what our school district could do in this situation and basically I was told (and I relayed this info to the school) that whatever orders the Doctor that my daughter sees prescribes that the school district wouldn't and shouldn't override it. I have a meeting in 2 weeks with the school district to go over my daughters results and to "brainstorm" ideas as to what could be done in this situation. I was hoping to find someone who has gone through the exact same thing and to see how it was handled. Thank you for the encouragement!
  2. My 13-year old, female, 8th grade child suffers from Social Anxiety, Anxiety, Personality Disorder w/OCD and Depressive Symptoms. My daughter was diagnosed by our family PyD and the outside School Psychiatrist. My daughter struggles the most with PE class. She cannot participate in class in any capacity and sees her family PyD 1x a week. Both the PyD and outside School Psychiatrist said in writing that she cannot participate in a classroom setting for PE, the family PyD supported our opinion that she should be in a class that encourages her and builds her confidence like a music class and her outside School Psychiatrist said the same thing or she could be in an 1-on-1 PE class without any other student in the gym at the same time as her. Our school district in NYS does not have 1-on-1 PE classes and that would be hard to administer because the gym is always occupied by PE classes. My question is with 18 million children & teens who suffer from anxiety issues in the US alone, my daughter can't be the first child to encounter this type of crippling disability and addressing it to her school and requesting specialized instruction/modification. What could our school district do for my daughter in lieu of a traditional PE gym class, because they don't seem like they are prepared to deal with this type of disability or want to deal with it? Or can you recommend a website or resource that might be helpful specifically addressing public school modifications/alternate accommodations/specialized instruction for PE (Physical Education/Gym class)? Thank you in advance.