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  1. Hi everyone! In answer to your question busgirl I haven't really fared that great. I mean I know all the theory as I'm sure we all do after spending long periods of our life suffering but I struggle to put it into practice when it counts. Shamefully my coping mechanism has been withdrawal and avoidancefrom 'normal' life as much as I could. Accepting I can't have relationships or a fulfilling social life or doing the things I really want to do in life. It helped initially but I can't help feeling the life I'm creating for myself is far worse than the original anxiety I was running from. I think my experiences are the same as yours busgirl. I've lost a lot of friendships or drifted away from others through a lack of understanding and admittedly me not forcing myself out more when asked. I'm even reluctant to start new friendships for this reason. I'm not anti social I just find the usual places people socialise incredibly traumatic most of the time
  2. Hi all! My names Chris I'm 32 from the UK and a rather long term anxious creature! Im an artist and currently doing my masters at university. Always love talking to new people so say hello! I'd say don't be shy but it seems inappropriate on an anxiety based forum