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  1. Hello No I have not! Unfortunately I've listened to this type of ptsd abuse since I was young mostly in my teens well into being an adult! Up till 5 years have now past and I put my foot down and told them all the things they did! However they deny it and tell me it's all in my head and it's all my fault! So I have not talked to them hardly in 5 years! Got tired of her lies threats, demands, mental abuse etc!!
  2. Hello I've noticed more and more that while at work I become very distant sad depressed and occatonaly I would get mad over the little things! At times things that were said to me by my step mother would come back to annoy me! She called me names like stupid, asshole that I lie about everything tell me things that happened to me is all my fault and no one else's that she hates me that she wishes I was dead! She went so far as to threaten my life further by telling me that God forbid she found out if I was using drugs that she would break both my arms both my legs and my back and put me in the hospital perminately God so help you if you tell your father I will kill you! She was drunk at the time and I believe that's when her real feelings show for me!! what would you think? This happened back when I was 18.