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  1. Thank you. He is being amazing about keeping in contact now but I have this intense feeling or worry still. I'm terrified he will be so overwhelmed by my reactions he will decide it's too much. I also feel its not worth it caring about someone when it feels like this. I get the same over my younger brother going out too. Thanks Jon.
  2. Hi, I am a 25 year old woman with anxiety. Usually it comes and goes but my boyfriend is on holidays and he forgot to call after a night out and I had a complete breakdown, shaking, vomitting, calling him every 5 minutes until he finally woke up the next morning and replied. Since then, I have an anxious feeling in my stomach and have had diarrhea and vomiting. This was 5 days ago. He has been keeping in contact but I keep having crying panic attacks when we talk even though I know its nonsensical. I have anxiety breakdowns every so often, usually over my younger brother going out drinking. The last time, I went to the doctor to get medication but because I am highly functioning(I go to work, do exercise, eat properly and appear ok to my peers) she thinks medication is not necessary. She referred me to a CBT specialist who said she could not help me now and that before she could I needed to return to another counselor who I went to during a traumatic event. In university, my college boyfriend went out drinking and was found dead in the river 12 days later. He was supposed to come back to my house and I tried to call him all that night but I knew something had gone wrong.. My boyfriend gets back next Tuesday but I feel like I cannot cope until then. I have called two counsellors but cannot get an appointment until the 20th of July.. How can I cope now?