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  1. Hello everyone, First, let me apologize for my poor english...I'll do me best to share my story and to explain what I feel with no too much grammar errors ;-) I could say that this HA began about 5 years ago when I experienced numbness and weakness first in my right arm then in my left leg and for a couple of days, around my right eye. But anxiety was always part of me since I was a kid. I saw two GP, a Dr in the hospital's emergency and then two neurologists. When I first explained my symptoms, the first GP unfortunately drop these two word: Multiple Sclerosis. That was it. Returning home, I was not able to function properly and I had to stop working. I needed time to WORRYING! I spent days looking at forums, sites, articles...I'm working in an hospital setting in neurology so you can imagine how the worst scenarios come quickly! So...after 2 neuro exams and 2 MRI, Dr said that I didn't have it and that symptoms could be caused by osteoartrosis I have all over my spine. I believed him and symptoms disappeared progressively. Fast forward about 2 years from now. I had a lot of fears: Breast c****r, HIV, Skin c****r, Herpes, VIN, MS, Interstitial Cystisis, Tetanus...and the new one: ALS. It all begun with the same symptoms I had 5 years ago: numbness, weakness to the right side of my body. Plus, I have tingling, twitching in my feet. And since about a week, my right arm is in a lot of pain. I went to a PT and then a massage therapist but the pain is always there. Always when I use strength. I'm just guessing that my muscles are weak because of ALS and this is other muscles that compensate so it's hurting...Beside, I really have trouble to concentrate. This fear is ALWAYS there. I keep having this image of me in a wheelchair, with my fiance and my family and friends around helping me...This is so scary! Anyway...I dont have a specific question today. Probably needed to vent with people who understand what I'm feeling (because my family say that I always dramatize with little things) but my sufferance is real!! Thank you for reading.