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  1. Hello my name is Brian and I am going on a cruise I have had panic obsessive thoughts and generalized anxiety I struggle when I go away to the point where I obsess on one thought forever I am 49 and a professional I work out daily and have the most beautiful wife and 2 kids I feel helpless and I am scared to death about going crazy on the boat I know it's my own thoughts and could be something simple as a skipped record playing Right I really focus on the scariest of them all I want to get through this trip and I am scared that I may end up somewhere in another country's hospital I am scared so bad I want this run and not even go on this trip, but of course that would never happen but I do feel like I would rather be dead than face this viscous cycle Somebody please give me some advice the more I think it gets worse I am thankful
  2. thanks fpor the the response .. i am a fighter but one of the things i fear the worse is getting a thouht stuck in my head and in have no whee to run. i feel so defeated and i am not able to focus on anything . i still have a week to go befor the trip and i am going crazy what would you recommend to end the hamster cycle of what if"s
  3. I wanted to to tell my story because the nightmare that i go through when something major involved me traveling I am a corporate man in shape with a loving wife and two adorable children I have suffered over 20 years with anxiety. I feel like a child when it comes to how i feel in the wake of my trip. I and going to disney with my family for a vacation and fore me its a living hell before and during the trip . I am not sure why but the craziest thoughts run throuh my head and feel like i have andrenaline firing through my veins I can seem to get a good thought throuh my mind I feel helpless to the unknown I feel like a beaten man and i dont know what to do. I am scared like i have never been my mind wont stop thinking the worse. I have been to Florida before and i end up fine but i dont know why i get so twisted before a trip I work so hard during the year to travel and i end up being a nervous wrkeck I thoughts of ending up in a mental instituition keep playing over and over The simpliest though plays in my head over and over why do i punish myself Why do i get so nerved up Why does my mind not stop, I am hoping somebody can help me understand this. I really know the answer to my questions Its myself thats who can help me but i am so scared i am reaching out to anybody that has similiar issues