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  1. well I've been suffering from generalized anxiety disorder for about a month now and I'm supposed to be going on vacation tomorrow which is Saturday for a whole week to the beach which is 3 hours away my anxiety right now is through the roof and I have a pill afraid to take any medication I also have a heart condition which is not life threatening its called supra ventricular tachycardia which can come out of the blue and make my heart rate go up into the 200's and being anxious doesn't help this condition I don't know what to do about going on vacation I would just really love some feedback if it were you guys would you go or no. please please please could use some feedback.
  2. Will ativan help my Gad? I have a severe phobia of medication terrified of side effects ,however I might be willing to try Ativan. Anybody ever take it?
  3. what can they do to help if I have a medication phobia
  4. Is it normal to have symptoms pretty much all day everyday? it seems is so I'm not getting much of a break. When I try to go out it makes my symptoms so much worse. is this common to feel like this pretty much all day? The dizzy feeling that I'm feeling is not a faint type of dizziness it feels as though I just got off the boat, also feel as though I'm walking around in a fog, disconnected a drunk type of feeling . I supposed to be going on vacation for a whole week coming Saturday how am I going to make it feeling so awful I can't even enjoy myself. I feel like this is never going to go away I've had it for a whole month every day.
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  6. Is it common to have anxiety symptoms all day long? I'm not having a panic attack just high levels of anxiety especially if I try to go out to eat,anywhere that I'm not home I feel very uncomfortable, however even in my house I don't feel good either ugh when will this ever go away. why do I have symptoms all day long? dizziness off-balance type of dizziness not where I feel like I'm going to faint similar to if you just got off a boat I feel like I'm walking around in a fog almost as if I'm drunk disconnected. the sad thing is I'm supposed to go on vacation for a whole week to the beach I don't know if I can make it feeling this way what do you guys think. what can I do about this I feel like I'm not getting a break only when I sit down in my house I start feeling a little bit better takes about 20 minutes then when I get up and start moving around again I feel the same
  7. Thank you so much eveyone this helps alot xoxox
  8. I didn't realize my first post went through with to quite a while so I thought I did something wrong so I'm sorry I posted the same message twice
  9. Gilly this is horrible is that nomsl it to get worse when you're moving
  10. Why does my panic disorder make me feel so much worse when I walk around? the dizziness really kicks in the shaking from the inside like you just finished exercising the big huge knot in my stomach the burping and yet when I sit down for a while all the symptoms seem to subside when I get up again and start moving around for awhile they come back again please I could really use some input why this would do that
  11. Why does my panic disorder bother me so much more when I'm moving around it seems like it exacerbates everything the dizziness the shaking the knot in the stomach and when I sit for a while it starts feeling better and by the afternoon I feel much better than the morning please somebody help me with this question I'm baffled why that would do that
  12. I hope this is nothing serious this is awful. Dizzy constantly when I walk around fine when I sit for a while,fine when I first get up in the morning, the only thing I do notice is my feet are moist. After about a half hr. of walking around boom.Feel very fidgety uptight when I stop at a red light I hate sitting there this is horrible.