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  1. Hello, I am a 42 year old whom seems to be suffering from a lot of health anxiety. This was kicked off about 6 months ago after being diagnosed with atypical migraines after suffering headaches and feeling as though my legs were weak. 4 months ago things became worse and started to have abdominal and back pain for which my gallbladder was removed. Symptoms did not change and actually added difficulty swallowing. I also had unintential weight loss, bowel issues. Google has had me convinced I have ALS as I have muscle twitching, what I feel is atrophy, insomnia. In all my researching I also found Ehlers Danlos which my oldest daughter is now being genetically tested for. Researching the different types of this, as well as knowing it usually comes from a parent also has me worried. I should also add this all started after a dr at work told me my ekg was concerning for pulmonary htn. After many in depth tests I do not have that either. I have been to the hospital more in the last 6 months then my whole life to be told all is "normal" and most likely anxiety. I am just looking for some support in getting through all this. I have read all the ALS forums pretty much and like anything some things fit, others don't. It also doesnt help that during one of my hospitalizations a radiologist initially read my MRI as probable cancer with 3 other radiologists going back and completely disagreeing. Thanks for any support you can provide.