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  1. I'm a long-time general anxiety sufferer. It has caused me a lot of challenges in life. Currently looking for resources for those who have experienced anxiety specifically travel anxiety, and public speaking anxiety.
  2. I've had pretty severe social anxiety for the majority of my life. It resulted in a series of traumatic experiences because of my not being able to..idk..assimilate super well. I'm finally trying to address my social anxiety so as to not let it hold me back from doing the things I want to do in life. Any tips anyone has used would be most useful. I have anxiety on dates, when going to work, any situation where I have to perform a facade of normalcy basically. I actually enjoy public speaking but it used to fill me with extreme fear and I never quite got used to it.
  3. I had to find a new therapist and mental health team because my therapist moved to Delaware, and she seemed to reach her limit in terms of being able to help me. Have you found spirituality to be helpful? Toastmasters? Just want to get better.
  4. most definitely... Has anyone any resources for group anxiety support? Or other tips? What has helped you? I'm currently also on Prozac.
  5. Hello I'm new to the forum. Struggling deeply right now with agoraphobia and self-isolation. Feeling really sad about it.
  6. If i understand this is where I am to post a peer review. I took lexapro for a few weeks and found it gave me stomach aches.
  7. Job interviews can be difficult because they put us on the spot. I believe in you.
  8. I have had social anxiety for the last 20 years. It causes me issues at work when I am put on the spot and it also causes me to shy away from public speaking. Recently I started becoming somewhat agoraphobic as a result of becoming afraid of bus travel as well. My therapist was digital because of covid but, i feel I am back to square one in terms of feeling isolated and alone.
  9. I'm very challenged by public speaking, which is required at most jobs that I'm interested in. In the past I ran from any opportunities to do public speaking or be put on the spot. Which contributed to my isolation.
  10. thank you so much. An inventory is a great idea. I think it is a combination of past experiences, general anxiety, lack of resources and other misc factors.
  11. if anyone has any tips for overcoming this please let me know
  12. Hi everyone, I just joined this forum. I'm currently seeking help for agoraphobia and some other mental health issues. I used better help for about 2 years during the pandemic but I felt like it did not help me overcome my agoraphobia very much.