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  1. Hi, I’m a male, I’m 40yo., since October, I’ve been having fasciculations in my body. Some cramping and tingling as well. In early December, I went to a neurologist for nerve testing, EMG and a clinical assessment. The neurologist was a professor and the associate Dean at the University of Vermont. So he wasn’t some slob. The paper work he sent me was normal. There was no sign of anything wrong. He diagnosed me with BFS exacerbated by anxiety. I do have underlying anxiety. I still get twitching, tingling and cramps. It has not gotten worse. I still have no weakness or atrophy that I know of. The twitching occurs in my calves, toes, hands, stomach, back, shoulders, buttocks, neck, jaw, eye, thighs, and feet. It happens when I’m at rest mostly. However, I have read 3-4 studies where people who’ve been diagnosed with BFS develop ALS like year later. In some cases, even two years. And several sources I’ve read state that doctors should wait to diagnose 2 to even 5 years for BFS due to the lack of understanding of the condition. There seems to be two schools of thought here. The first says that the twitching in ALS is a result of the dying of nerves having already occurred. This is NOT the consensus though. And some experts believe that twitching can be a precursor to weakness and atrophy for an extended period. In your opinion, what is my risk level here and what do you think about the information I’ve provided. Obviously, I will follow up.