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    You can definitely say no to anxiety ... But i dont get the meaning of your comment .. Do you suffer from any type of anxiety problems ? I would recommend to start by getting more info about some alternative supplements in order to find your sleep back
  2. Hi, Did you ever try to take some Melatonin supplements they are a natural therapy for abnormal sleep patterns, depression, stomach ulcers and even some cancers. Melatonin is an indole hormone that is primarily involved in the regulation and maintenance of the body’s internal clock. It is a neurotransmitter-like compound that is a derivative of serotonin and is mainly produced in the pineal gland, near the center of the brain. The role of melatonin is to normalize biological rhythm and adjust the timing across various critical biological processes. Melatonin release follows the circadian rhythm - in response to the day and night cycle. In fact, the enzymes that synthesize melatonin are activated and depressed by darkness and light, respectively. This clock-setting property means that melatonin is described as a chronobiotic compound.